WTF! Woman Exchanges Baby for Half Bag of Rice in Imo
WTF! Woman Exchanges Baby for Half Bag of Rice in Imo

WTF! Woman Exchanges Baby for Half Bag of Rice in Imo


A rather bizarre incident is unfolding in Imo State, south-east Nigeria as a young woman, Chioma Fidelis, has confessed that she was only given half a bag of rice after a year of having sold her baby to a couple; Mr and Mrs Jonas Anyanwu .

The 20-year-old disturbed mother was among the 40 suspects paraded by the Imo State Police Command for various offences on Friday.

A native of Ehime Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State, Ms Fidelis said she had to get rid of the baby as she could not take care of him on her own, Sun writes.

“I got pregnant by mistake and I did not know. When I gave birth to the baby boy I did not have money to take care of him. So I decided to sell the child. They told me that they sold the child for N700,000. I did not collect any money from them, the only thing I got was half bag of rice, chairs, provisions and bags of cement which I used to repair my house.”

Her accomplice, 34-year-old Mrs. Chidinma Unakala Mgba, said the mother of the child had complained to her that she could no longer take care of the baby.

“When the mother brought the baby to me, I took him to the hospital and the hospital confirmed that the baby was suffering from kwashiorkor. From there, I started taking him to various churches to get healing and I succeeded. I spent N137,000 on the baby and another N200,000 on the mother.”

The couple that bought the baby, Mr. Jonas and Salome Anyanwu, said they did so out of desperation for a male child.

“It is true that my husband brought the money that we used in buying the child. Let me tell you, because we need the child my husband had to borrow money, N700,000 and gave it to Chidinma, who brought the child. I wanted to reject the child but because of God I collected him and started nursing him.”

The story leaves a lot of questions unanswered; such as what kind of mother sells her son, and how does a half bag of rice cost N700,000?

You never see it all, really.




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